Public talk - Erik Pema Kunsang June 3 2014

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Public talk with Erik Pema Kunsang: How to meet death with freedom

You will not get through the web unless you are like space.

Your own clinging to "here and there" is the web.

Learn how to meet death with freedom.

Public talk and retreat with Erik Pema Kunsang.

Practical advise to help yourself and others at the end of life

Our precious life should be used in the best possible way as long as we have it. But it is a fact that death will occur one day.

Awarness, however, is according to buddhist teachings not something that ceases when the body dies. Therefore it is a good idea to prepare oneself for what is awaiting us. A clear mind - based on knowledge and insight - makes us fearless and reduces the anxiety that otherwise may remain as a disturming background noise and control our behaviour and our intentions. When fear and anxiety is not present, we are filled with a natural love, that is genuine and uncontrived, which is of benefit to ourselve and others at the end of life.

Self-confidence, love and inner peace

To learn about death gives, according to Tibetan Buddhism, first rise to self-confidence, then to love and inner peace. In the Tibetan Tradition we find ver special insights about life, death and the states in between, called bardo.

With these insights we ourselves can contribute to improving our own journey through death. We can learn to recognize the signs of death that show themselves in the body and the mind. We can learn about the lights, sounds and colors of the bardo, and about the attraction of the various realms, and about the moment of death and what happens before next birth.


In this retreat, we will focus on the training we can perform now, that belongs to the four bardos: this life, dying, the intermedieray state and rebirth. You will receive instructions about a special meditation training that can be used by the dying and by relatives. We will also get methods that enable us to develop in all situation. We will focus on the training in inner peace and love that we can practice thoughout our lives, and that will be of benefit to ourselves and others at the end of life.

Something for you

The retreat is suitable for you if you are a curious beginner, and also if you have previous experience of buddhism and meditation, as long as you have an open mind and a genuine wish to learn and explore yourself and the buddhist teachings.

The retreat and public talk are held in English. Erik also speaks Danish.

Time and place

Time: Start: Tuesday June 3, at 19:00

Place: Finlandshuset Konferens, Snickarbacken 4, Stockholm

(T) Hötorget or (T) Östermalmstorg


Ticket price includes coffee or tea in the break.

The retreat and public talk are held in English. Erik also speaks Danish.

Retreat and tickets

During the following weekend Erik will lead a retreat where we get the opportunity to learn and practice the methods, meditations and practices that buddhism offers to prepare ourselves for death. More information about the retreat.

Please get your tickets in advance at Tickster.

Erik Pema Kunsang