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Garchen Rinpoches råd till sanghan och gruppfoto

skickad 22 aug. 2011 04:20 av Peter Olin   [ uppdaterad 8 sep. 2011 12:59 ]

Garchen Rinpoche inbjuden till Danmark.

Garchen Rinpoche spinning prayer wheel
Garchen Rinpoche och den svenska sanghan.
När Garchen Rinpoche besökte Stockholm 18-21 augusti 2011 agerade den svenska sanghan inbjudningskommitté för att be Rinpoche komma till Rangjung Yeshe Gomde i Danmark. Mer om detta på sanghabloggen för Rangjung Yeshe Gomde Danmark. I korthet tyckte Rinpoche att det var en bra idé, och han vill gärna besöka Danmark.

Den lilla delegationen av sanghamedlemmar bad Rinpoche om några råd för vår grupp - de råden, som förstås inte bara gäller vår grupp hittar du här nedan.

Längst ner på sidan hittar du gruppfotot som Olav Nyhus tog vid sista dagens undervisning.
Garchen Rinpoche and Rangjung Yeshe Sangha Sweden

Alla foton av Olav Nyhus

Garchen Rinpoches råd till sanghan

Garchen Rinpoche's advice to Rangjung Yeshe Sangha Sweden, August 20, 2011.

Present: Garchen Rinpoche, translator Ina Bieler, Lionel, Maie, Kenan, Olav, Stig, Peter

Question: Please give some advice to us here, as the Sangha of Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche's students in Sweden.


Establishing the Dharma

It is very good that you are taking care of the center and that you are establishing a Sangha group, especially in a place in a Western country where the Buddha Dharma has not yet spread. The Buddha himself has actually said that there is benefit in spreading the Dharma in a place where the Dharma has not yet spread. And the benefit of practicing the Dharma in such a place is even greater than practicing the Dharma in a place where it has already spread. So to practice in this country is extremely beneficial for the Buddhadharma and also for sentient beings.

Unbiased practice

And when you practice the Dharma, it is most important that you practice the Dharma free from any bias. That means free of any thought of attachment and aversion against others. And only then, if you practice free from any bias, the Dharma will become completely pure. Otherwise, if we use the Dharma for political issues or aims, if we think ours is the best, and the others’ is the worst, then our Dharma becomes defiled - it becomes impure. So that is something we all have to be careful about. And that is also Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche’s view. He is a master example of someone who practices with no bias and is free from attachment and aversion, so we are all in agreement with that.

Contribution to the world

And especially, a center must be a place where people can train their minds, by cultivating peace and happiness. And it will also contribute to peace and happiness in this world. And in this world we have two systems. We have the mundane system of the scientists, and they improve the external. And then there is the internal, the spiritual systems in the world that improve the inner mind. These two must come together. It is important to practice them both. But for us spiritual practitioners, it is important that we provide for an environment for beings to cultivate the inner peace and happiness.

Pure perception

Even if just four Sangha members come together, we call that a division of the Sangha and the practice that is engaged in by the Sangha becomes very powerful. So even if only four people come together, the practice is already very significant. For example, the spiritual master who is starting the center is like an emanation of the Buddha and all those who are helping to establish the center are like emanations of Bodhisattvas. And in reality there is no difference between Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. For example at the time of Buddha Shakyamuni he had the eight main Bodhisattvas who received his teachings, so in that context it appears as if he was a teacher, and that they were the ones receiving the teachings. But actually they have the same mind, it was just a display. But in reality they have the same mind. So those who started the center and those who support the center are all emanations of the Buddha.

Mutual love and respect

All the students who come to the center should show respect to all of those who are working for the center and those who have established the center. Those who have established and are working for the center are like parents, or like a mother, and the students who come there are like the children. So that those who are working for the center must see them as their children and must love them as their children, and those students who come must see the workers for the center as their parents, so there must be this mutual respect and love.

Respect for other religious traditions

And also we must respect all the other religions, Hindu, Christian and the Islam religion, and we must see them all as necessary, and they are all needed for different people. And while we respect them, at the same time we are of course upholding our own religion, our own lineage. That is the one we engage in practicing. At the same time we must not think that the others are any worse than that, and look up to them and show great respect. And in reality they all have the same essential meaning, the same practice. In particular, also in Christianity they practice generosity and many great qualities that we also practice. For example in Christianity the Mother Mary is really an emanation of Tara. This is how we should view the other religions, with great respect and tolerance.

If we treat others badly, we will receive bad in return, so if we look down on others, eventually others will look down on us. But if we try to support others and are kind to others, then also we will receive that in return.

It is also important that we are in harmony.

Thank you for establishing a center.


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Gruppbild Garchen Rinpooche Stockholm 2011-08-21